by Stuart Wicke

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“There is a high standard of musicianship at work here... [Doxology] features soulful vocals in a passionate and bittersweet performance.” -
7.1/10 from Belwood Music

"...emotionally resonant... dramatic lyrics paired with a solid rock sound." 3.6/5 from Divide and Conquer Music


released September 2, 2016

Isaac Poole - Electric Guitar (1, 3, 6, 7), Bass (5, 9)
Cliff Schweickart - Bass (1, 3, 6)
Andrey Goncalves - Bass (2, 4, 8)
Brehnan Miller - Drums (5, 7, 9)
Price McGuffey - Drums (2, 4, 8)
Luke Stevens - Drums (1, 3, 6)
Stuart Wicke - Acoustic Guitar (1, 2, 6, 8), Electric Guitar (2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9), Bass (7), Voice (1-9)

"Simple Beauty", "Dreadful Things", and "Friends" recorded by Cliff Schweickart at the house.

"Love Death", "Wyoming", and "I Love You Too" recorded by Adam Copelin at TNT Productions.

"I Will Let You Down", "East Main", and "Bethany" recorded by Isaac Poole at the University of Louisville.

Mastered by Adam Copelin.

Artwork by Meg Wicke.
Design by William Kolb.

All songs composed by Stuart Wicke.

(c) 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016



all rights reserved


Stuart Wicke Louisville, Kentucky

Singer/songwriter Stuart Wicke has been an active force in the Louisville music scene since 2012. As a solo artist, he drew attention to himself with his powerful voice and poignant lyrics. Described as “old-school”, Stuart’s newest album "Doxology", out 9/2/16, has drawn comparisons to classic artists like Paul Simon and Neil Young, as well as indie rock outfits like Dawes and Bazan. ... more

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Track Name: Simple Beauty
Simple Beauty (July 2014)

I take no pleasure to say his name.
I’ll take no answer but take my hand.

I told you once, we’re not the same.
Speak with conviction, don’t be afraid.
I’ve got nothing, so I feel safe.
Don’t hold onto something you know you can’t save.

I spoke to my Savior, He told me this:
That hope is a virtue, and there’s not enough left.
I told Him I loved Him, and asked if He loved me too.
He said if you’re asking, you don’t know how to.

I know you love something, you’re still so young.
But I’ll still hold you closely, and I’ll fire the gun.

It gives me pleasure to say your name.
Its simple beauty drives me insane.
I couldn’t tell you all the words in my heart,
But I know I love you, and that’s a start.
Track Name: Love Death
Love Death (August 2012)

There’s days which you spend far too long looking at a picture,
Sleeping in a stranger’s bed and struggling to remember
The distance far between the memories made and memories kept,
As if the curtain lifted, but the actors already left.

I never felt as though I ever learned to be a man,
This childish heart still hard at play, and let all else be damned.
Affirm that I’m in keeping, just a fraction of a second,
With anything how miniscule that ever was expected.

The sunrise wakes me bleary, and the summer perorates,
In waning moonlight sober, I detest my sorrow state.

Tell me I’m too young to know this feeling so finite,
But I’m certain it’s the only thing I’ve ever gotten right.
So watch from every corner, every page of every book,
It’ll always be my worry you’re unhappy when you look.
Track Name: Dreadful Things
Dreadful Things (September 2015)

I want her to worry, but I hate when she’s scared.
I tell them my stories; they never hear mine.
Friends of friends…
I don’t believe in me.

I’m hopeful you’re lonely, but I can’t stay away.
I’m fearful she knows me, but I want her to stay.
Dreadful thing…

I can pretend that it’s still light enough to see,
But I watched the sun set over Nashville, Tennessee.

And now that it’s over, there’s nothing I want.
And now that it’s easy, there’s nothing I need.
I can pretend that it’s still dark enough to sleep,
But I watched the sun rise over Kentucky.

Friends of friends…
Track Name: Wyoming
Wyoming (April 2014)

Last that I checked, I had a heart, break it.
Last that I thought, I thought I could make it.
Now I got time, I’ve got some time to kill.
Though I grew up, I’ll spend it the same way still.
I had a dream I was loved, I had a dream I loved you.

I fell asleep against my will Saturday.
I woke you up cause I couldn’t find my own way.
I was fucked up, I was ashamed, wasn’t I?
Home wasn’t far, but I was still too paralyzed.
I couldn’t sleep knowing I want more than you do.

I know what I’m feeling, I’m just afraid you do too.
Track Name: I Will Let You Down
I Will Let You Down (April 2015)

You held my hand, you wouldn’t let me hold yours.
I fell asleep long before you.
Home never felt so much like home,
But it never felt so far away.
I’ve never been out on my own, but I’ll go out anyway.

I don’t feel love, and I am afraid.
And I’m sorry for the times I break your heart.
I feel sick, I feel so strange.
Would you have me raise the flood and raze this city away?

If I believed in God the way He believes in me,
I would help you feel free, I would help you feel real.
But I will let you down.
I will let you down if you let me.
Track Name: Friends
Friends (September 2015)

Why don’t you go to the kitchen and pour yourself another drink?
I think we’re having a good time now, or that’s what I like to think.

If you’re off tomorrow, keep me company.
Sit at the bar, I’ll tell you all my high school dreams.
I still want to be an artist, but this is a sweet gig, don’t you think?
I can come in when I want to, and I get ten percent off drinks.

Could it be? I’m happy where I am.
Did everything go as I planned?
Yeah, sure, we want the same things.
That don’t make us much alike.
I’m still coming to the party.

Don’t get me wrong, we can be friends!
I never said I had anything to lose.
Track Name: East Main
East Main (September 2014)

Even lovers are at odds sometimes, so I don’t believe in love.
Even fighters can make compromise, so I don’t fight for much.

And beauty don’t mean everything, so I don’t believe in art.
And forgiveness can be hard to grant, so I don’t believe in God.
You couldn’t change me if I wanted you to.
So don’t save my life if I ask you.

Triumph is nothing without failure’s aid.
Passion is felt but it cannot be made.
You’ll never love if you’re never afraid.
If you don’t feel fear, then you’ll never feel faith.

Love is sweet and love is kind, beauty when it’s new.
God knows work is hard to find, and love is the hardest work I knew.
Hope isn’t endless, but it can always survive.
Don’t be ashamed to be hopeless.
Track Name: I Love You Too
I Love You Too (January 2015)

Cars come left and cars come right, and I can’t hear the voice of God.
The water calls me, soft and warm, as it flows into the night.
And I am alone.

Something’s missing, but something always will be,
But I don’t need the difference, and you don’t need me.
The lights on the highway tell me she will rise again.
But she is alone.

Mama I love him, mama I love him too,
But not the way that I love you.

Tired patience, see what you’ve done to me,
Waiting on revival, I’ll walk til my feel bleed.
The lights on the highway tell me she will rise again.

Are we alone?
No we’re not alone.
Are we alone?
I can’t believe that we are on our own.
Track Name: Bethany
Bethany (October 2014)

I heard the mountain sing a song,
And I was singing as I watched night fall.
The darkness was rich when I came along,
But darkness is darkness, no matter how strong.

I want to keep the wind at bay,
I want to keep the storm away.

I’ve never heard a sound so sweet
As Cumberland’s rhythm under my feet.
I followed her song til I couldn’t move,
The places they’d pierced her shone black and abused.

I don’t want to die at home,
But I don’t want to leave home alone.

Home will forgive me when I’m away,
And heaven can wait til I’ve changed.
I’ve never heard a sound so sweet.

Bury me.