by Stuart Wicke

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10217 was written entirely by Stuart Wicke, between November 2013 and April 2014.
It was recorded at home in Louisville, KY in June and July 2014.

"Dripping with raw talent, Stuart Wicke is a young troubadour with a knack for Dylan-esque songwriting. His phrasing and guitar runs sound like vintage 60s folk..." -- EarToTheGround Music


released August 31, 2014

Stuart Wicke - guitar/voice

Mastered by Adam Copelin at TNT Studio in Louisville KY.

Thanks to Kailyn, Mom, Natalie, William, Amy, Nick, Danny, Adam et al



all rights reserved


Stuart Wicke Louisville, Kentucky

Singer/songwriter Stuart Wicke has been an active force in the Louisville music scene since 2012. As a solo artist, he drew attention to himself with his powerful voice and poignant lyrics. Described as “old-school”, Stuart’s newest album "Doxology", out 9/2/16, has drawn comparisons to classic artists like Paul Simon and Neil Young, as well as indie rock outfits like Dawes and Bazan. ... more

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Track Name: Comfort from Company
I was accomplice to a felon in Alabama,
And I helped him to escape to Tennessee.
I kept my head down on the highway through the mountains.
My body was bloodied and weak.

I went searching for clarity at midnight,
And I found it underneath the Payne Street Bridge,
Out across the Sunday morning traffic,
I had nothing but indifference to forgive.

You just think of you and I’ll think of me.
I’ll distinguish comfort from company.
I’ve found my heart is made of fragments and cinders,
And love can be outrun like anything.

I followed all my fears from home to Carolina,
And left them with the pungent southern heat.
Still every word I hear, it makes me nervous.
I’ll stay stubborn even if you admit defeat.

I spent an evening pacing Riverside Drive.
The weather held but I was already numb.
If leaving has taught me anything worth knowing:
I can stay naïve until I don’t know what I’ve done.

January 27, 2014
Track Name: There are Strangers in My Heaven
I was seventeen when I first left home.
Couldn’t stand to say goodbye, so I turned and left without a word.
I was seventeen and I thought I was alone.
Don’t know what it was I wanted, don’t know what it was I heard.

I learned a secret, and I’ll never tell.
Though they tried to keep it from me, come heaven or come hell.
From room to room I didn’t recognize
The only solace I found was falling down Fourth at first light.
Now I can’t trust a word of what they say.

Who told you? I know I did.
I kept a secret; that’s not what I said.

I bathed in perfume, thick and acrid how I like
Warm air couldn’t wait to greet me, so tense you could pierce it with a knife.
She was grace, though she was strange.
Huddled safe against the window, my discomfort was in vain.
Now I can’t hear a word of what they say.

Who told you? I know I did.
I kept a secret; that’s not what I said.

There are strangers in my heaven,
There are strangers in my head.
I let them in.

January 12, 2014
Track Name: Shine
I feel like I’m young again,
Let the useless fight begin.
If you’re not dying, everything’s fine.
I think of the West Fork Cane,
Imagine the time I’d save
If I still listened the way I could.

Crosses in the dark light the sky.
Crosses in the dark shine.

Tell me about the times you cried,
Laughing, I’ll stand by.
I’m not worried but something’s breaking.
I’ll cut off my hands to pray.
I’ll sing us praise by day,
And by night, I’ll lie awake.

Every day we wait, and hide.
Every day we pretend to shine.

I want you to live again.
I want you to shine.

March 11, 2014
Track Name: Face Your Fears
Come on, listen to me briefly. I don’t have that much to say.
I’ve been looking at you lately, and I love you less and less each day.
I’ve been waiting on you ages, wondering if I’ll ever hear you say:
“It’s time to face my fears, oh Lord, if not right now then never –
That’s my way.”

Oh I used to be senseless, wondered why I never seemed to win.
Oh I was some Romantic; everything would work out in the end.
I guess someday I just woke up, realized what a sorry place we’re in.
It’s time to face the truth, my friend, if not right now then never –

Is it wrong to be pitiful?
Is it wrong to be free?
Is it wrong to be frivolous?
Is it wrong to be me?

I used to think the sunrise wouldn’t happen once I died.
And I used to think that death was all but our final goodbye.
But something didn’t feel right, something took the wonder from my eyes.
It’s time to face the end, you know, if not right now then never –
That’s no lie!
It’s time to face my fears, oh Lord!
If not now, why the hell am I alive?

November 10, 2014
Track Name: My First Friend
My first friend and I were inseparable.
In rural Kentucky we would share the world.
The love I had was all I’d ever need,
If only that truth could stay the same with me.

I lost my friend the day you closed your eyes.
There was no place we couldn’t scream and fight.
When she moved I didn’t feel a thing,
I wish that we had never changed.

I want you to see the man I’ve become.
I want you to see the children you love.
I’ll make you proud, I’ll make you cry, long past the day I die.

April 30, 2014
Track Name: I'm Not Your Friend
Falling to the floor, you were leaning on my words,
If I took them out from under you, would you still feel assured?
You wreck, I believe in you, but I don’t believe a single word you said.
Self-medicated wretch, I’ll take my comforts and I’m going back to bed.

I don’t need to be there every time you fall apart.
I don’t want to be there when you drown your heart.
I’m not your friend.

I was shocked to find that everyone needs help.
I’m afraid to find that I may as well.
Don’t weep until I’ve answered you, but I don’t think that I ever will.
You’re weak to confide in me, because I find myself in you still.

You’re silent, you’re distant,
Reclusive, resistant.
I’m worried. I’m restless.
I’m warning you: address this.
You’re too old to lie,
You’re too young to die.

February 26, 2014
Track Name: Lilly
Sinners, cry like you mean it; don’t be ashamed to behave.
Cities, keep your hearts open; let anyone in you can save.
Lovers, love like you’re broken; don’t be afraid to be hurt.
Fighters, let all be forgiven; don’t walk away ‘til you’re sure.

There’s not time enough for wasting.
There’s no time to complain.
You can feel my heart flutter, lonely.
I feel dangerous.

Sisters, sing for courage; don’t raise your voice just to be heard.
Faithful, die like you want to; Heaven is near, rest assured.
I’ve weathered arduous summers, sometimes there’s hell to be paid.
But if you don’t covet your love then something you love can be saved.

You say I fall in love too easy,
You say I fall in love too fast.
But I feel my heart despair for company,
With you I feel dangerous.

April 22, 2014