Throwaways EP

by Stuart Wicke

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Sometimes things get tough but for the most part they're not.

Written between June and October 2013.
Recorded between October and November 2013.
All songs written and recorded by Stuart Wicke at his house in Louisville, KY.


released December 7, 2013

Stuart Wicke - guitar, bass, drums, harmonica, vocals
Natalie Wicke - vocals on "I'm Smiling Still"

Meg Wicke - cover art



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Stuart Wicke Louisville, Kentucky

Stuart Wicke is a singer-songwriter from Louisville, KY. His uniquely dynamic guitar style emphasizes a lyrical brilliance which surpasses his young age, and has drawn comparisons to songwriters like Paul Simon and Taylor Goldsmith. He began pursuing a solo career in 2012 and has written three records. Stuart has shared the stage with songwriters like Ben Sollee, Mickey Clark and Danny Flanigan. ... more

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Track Name: If I Let You Be My Confidant
Drink til I’m sick, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.
Drunk and lonely, I’m in love.
Smoke til I’m numb, that’s all I’ve ever done.
A story to tell, now I’m in heaven.
I wish I didn’t know you.

If I let you be my confidant, will you let me leave before you talk?
If I let you be my confidant, promise me you’ll love when I cannot.

Leave me to my vices; leave me here to die.
I don’t have the energy to fight.
Whether what I hear is sound or misguided,
I’ll disregard everything I’m told.
I wish I could regret you.

If I let you be my confidant, am I only here for you to talk?
I don’t want to tell you what I’ve thought, so promise me you’ll love when I cannot.
If you let me be your confidant, I’ll let you hear anything you want.
If you let me be your confidant, I’ll promise you I’ll love when you cannot.
I’ll promise you I’ll love who you cannot.
I’ll promise you I’ll love what you cannot.

august 14, 2013
Track Name: I'm Smiling Still
You caught my attention, though the drive was silent.
I fell sweetly in the lull in our conversation.
And I dreamt you were here, and I knew everything.
And I dreamt there was no dissonance or complication.
I woke up distressed,
I woke up unsure, but I’m smiling still.

It was juvenile the way I spoke to you –
Every syllable understood and unnecessary.
I dreamt we were happy, and that life was good.
I dreamt the streets were flooded but my concern was secondary.
I woke up to tensions,

And silence too profound, but I’m smiling still.
The most beautiful voice always sings the softest;
Just so faint that I may never hear what it is saying.
I refuse to admit – it doesn’t sound like me –
But it seems that I am happiest when I am waiting.
But I still feel elated,
I still feel assured, and am I waiting still?

june 28, 2013
Track Name: Mother, When I Turn Thirty-Eight
Mother, when I turn thirty-eight, I’ll still be living at home.
Like these twenty years only gone to waste,
The next, I am certain, will follow.

Sister, if I fail to catch up, I will be hiding in shame.
Louisville’s streets only miss you,
And me? They’ve forgotten my name.

Father, if you cannot loudly express disappointment enough,
I won’t be here to take complaints,
But who knows just what I’ll be dreaming of.

july 14, 2013
Track Name: In a Word
In a word, I am unknown, and no one can love what they don’t know.
I don’t want anyone, I’m assured that I can make it on my own.
Love, leave me alone, love I’ve known.

Mother, look! There’s a boy in the water.
Can you see? He’s yours.
Know by now it only gets worse.
Sister, see! There’s a man in the fire.
Does he miss you too?
Has it been awhile since he saw you smile?
Love, leave me alone, love I’ve known.

october 10, 2013