For Ashlynn, Who Was Sick.

by Stuart Wicke

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Mostly inspired by a vacation in the Pacific northwest, or else the feeling that something is missing.

Written between July and October 2012.
Recorded between July and November 2012.
All songs written and recorded by Stuart Wicke at his house in Louisville, KY.


released November 7, 2012

Stuart Wicke (voice, guitar, bass, drums)
Natalie Wicke (voice on "Beard's Hollow")
Meg Wicke (cover design)



all rights reserved


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Stuart Wicke Louisville, Kentucky

Stuart Wicke is a singer-songwriter from Louisville, KY. His uniquely dynamic guitar style emphasizes a lyrical brilliance which surpasses his young age, and has drawn comparisons to songwriters like Paul Simon and Taylor Goldsmith. He began pursuing a solo career in 2012 and has written three records. Stuart has shared the stage with songwriters like Ben Sollee, Mickey Clark and Danny Flanigan. ... more

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Track Name: Six and Twenty
It’s not far to the forest, it’s not far to the sea.
Everyone’s got something they’d like to see.
I’d ask you to follow but you wouldn’t go with me.
It’s not far from the homeland from Six and Twenty.
From mountainous highways to cavernous falls
And diving in cities with paper-thin walls
Everyone’s got something they’d like to see.
It’s not far from the homeland – about six and twenty.
Take me far from the people, take me far and let me be.
Take my head out of the sand, take my body from the sea.
I’ve got a feeling I’ve seen all that I can see.
Bid farewell to the homeland, bid farewell to me.
In treacherous hallways and overcast skies,
Shrouded in secrets, ambiguous lies
What does one do when everything’s seen?
Take me out of the homeland by six and twenty.
july 7, 2012
Track Name: Love//Death
There’s days you spend far too long looking at a picture:
Sleeping in a stranger’s bed and struggling to remember
The distance, far, between the memories made and memories kept –
As if the curtain lifted but the actors’d already left.

I never felt as though I ever learned to be a man –
This childish heart still hard at play, and let all else be damned.
Affirm that I’m in keeping, just a fraction of a second,
With anything, how miniscule, that ever was expected.

The sunrise wakes me, bleary, and the summer perorates.
In waning moonlight sober, I detest my sorrow state.

Tell me I’m too young to know this feeling so finite,
But I’m certain it’s the only thing I’ve ever gotten right;
So watch from every corner, every page of every book,
And it will always be my worry you’re unhappy when you look.

august 3, 2012
Track Name: Sarah Waiting
Have a thought, have a laugh,
Sing with me on my behalf,
Have I heard this one before? Well please, oh please, tell me again!
Tell me just a little more, I’ll never ask you again.

Wait for me – summer song;
Hazy dream, last so long.
Basement-dwelling cavalcade, it seems, it seems tranquil, serene.
Apologetic serenade and unread thoughts: what could she mean?

Simple sign, simple day –
Undefined, brushed away:
Corner table writer’s block, it feels, it feels nothing is real!
Stifle static siren songs, for sounds I hear ever so surreal.

september 11, 2012
Track Name: Beard's Hollow
His body came to shore, to no surprise
Vandalia’s splinters buried before its time
To Disappointment Cape, they carried on
And every one was lost of nine.
Ilwaco unsettled by the news
Searching for those who survived, however few
But in defile, Beard was dead
As surely as the wicked West winds blew.
Ada wept in solitude that night
Dressed for quite the homecoming,
The captain never witnessed morning light.
Not a day goes by within a year
The captain won’t remember his arrears
And hurry to awake the crew
Although the fate of all was all too clear
july 9, 2012
Track Name: Softly Drown
I had a thought or two, once again I’d misconstrue,
It turns out it’s all true though I fought! I fought!
This feeling, new to me; I’ll attest to its ecstasy,
Arouse me from this dream, but did I sleep? Did I sleep?

Untroubled, watered down, uncanny pleasant sound,
Stand straight, so softly drown. Abound! Abound!
I stayed awake too long, a shot rang out at home,
Somnolent without a thought, though I fought! I fought!

Sleep well tonight! Sisyphus fell tonight!
Sleep well tonight! And would I ever tell you?
And should I never tell you? And should I ever tell you? And could I ever let you know?

I heard you lock the door, fall asleep at half past four,
Was it new or new before, things I’d say? Things I’d say.
Cymbaline with footsteps loud, in candle-lighted shroud,
Drift away and sleeping soundly again and again.

Wait so patiently. Speak so brazenly. Wait so painfully. Speak so shamefully.

august 26, 2012
Track Name: Parachute
Waitin for somethin but I don’t know what
Singin for someone but I can’t grow up
Years and years pass and I’m on my way home
Years and years pass but that day never comes.

Searching for something I’ve never known
A ride in the country never felt so alone
Tears and tears fall and solitude takes its toll.
Tears and tears fall and I’m stayin home.

Don’t you ever say good night.

october 28, 2012
Track Name: Nothing to You
I’ve been thinking about the time that I’ve lost
Waiting patiently to learn what I’ve taught
I’ve been waiting at the sea, I’ve been waiting for you.

Seven years; by now I surely should know
Nothing said is ever easy enough.
I’ll be sleeping in the trees, I’ll be hiding from you.

I’m no child now, this I can avow.
But I’m a child now, I know.

Take me higher to remember your name.
Awake in silence but it isn’t the same.
And I’ll shiver in my sheets, I’ll be dreaming of you.

I want assurance now that something is right.
I want endurance just to last to the night.
I’ll be reading ahead, I’ll be calling on you.

She woke me Monday to be sure that I heard,
But after everything, I know that nothing can hurt.
I’ll be staring at my feet, I’ll say nothing to you.

october 26, 2012
Track Name: For I Will Fain Express
Was it night the day you came, was it bright the day it rained, I wouldn’t know.
Was the summer bare and dry, was there sunlight in my eyes the day you came?
I passed you on your path that morning, never said a word.
But let the deserts drown, and forests wither brown.
Change, never change.
july 2, 2012
Track Name: Fourteen
No invitation; No exultation;
First impression or was it third impression?
I’m thinking too much, I don’t think enough.

And if we say so, good night. And if the rain lets up slight,
Prospect’s surface gleams bright – Sends sixty to fourth alight.
I’m thinking too much, I don’t think enough.
Don’t tell me too much, I’ll hear every word.

Could I ask for help? Can’t I speak the word? Father never saw.
Won’t I ever change? Spare some twist of fate? Father never saw.

This window, faintly clearer, But I’ll still stand aside, dear.
Painful soaked, Embarrassing broke,
And I don’t know, I can’t see the road.

I’m sorry I’m so sorry. I’m sorry I’m so sorry.

october 1, 2012